A list of all my creations by groups

Army, airforce and navy

Anti Alien photon cannon
Military bus
Kalashnikov AK 47 assault rifle
Runway 3 - 45 degrees angle

Bridges & flyovers

Old pier bridge for CAW
Concrete and wood bridge for CAW
Really damaged wooden bridge for CAW

Build mode

Extra thin column
Pavement bollards
Wood scaffolding for island shack
Small air conditioning unit
Big air conditioning unit
Electrical boxes and meter set
Hedges part 3
Hedges part 2
Hedges part 1
6 different guard rails for CAW
7 different guard rails for CAW
Solid wooden fence
The ranch 4. old fence
Ghost Free fence
The ranch 3. white fence
Rectangular ceiling light 2x2
Rectangular ceiling light 4x1