A list of all my creations by groups


Well rotary drilling rig
Big fountain
Fire hose portable
Boom gate with dual stop signs
Bollards with rope for CAW
Parking space restricted with bollards
Railway tunnel for CAW
Parking space restricted
Parking space disabled
Railway open wagon for CAW
Bus stop Subway
Tear Of Horus
6 different guard rails for CAW
Municipal trash can
7 different guard rails for CAW
Protection railing for Helipad
Rusties - an old abandoned diner
Big parking lot
St. Filipe Basilica side windows
St. Filipe Basilica under construction
Stadium venue parking lot
Road marking parking P
Road marking parking ARROW
Road marking parking IN
3 x gap between lots cement blocks for CAW
Gap between lots cement block for CAW ( and World Editor )
Traffic sign Hollywood Blvd for World Editor
Water buoy for World Editor
Southfork Ranch entrance sign
Statue of Pegasus metallic
Statue of Pegasus in gold
Invisible fence
End of track railway track for CAW
Diesel locomotive for CAW
Railway line crossing ramp for CAW
Road marking yellow line
Ticket machine Almex
London red phone booth
London Underground sign light
Statue of Hope
Road markings set 2 for CAW
Golf club sign for CAW
Bus stop Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides poster
Bus stop Google
Bus stop - timetable, dustbin & sign
Bus stop - "Your Highness" advert boards
Bus stop Fly Emirates ACM
McDonald's sign - pavement logo
St. Petrus church - 4 clocks
St. Petrus church - steeple wall
St. Petrus church - main roof
St. Petrus church
12 ATM screens - world big banks
Small satellite dishes in 4 shades
13 ATM screens
Under construction part 2
Under construction part 1
Fountain 2 for Late Night
Fountain 1 for Late Night
Road patches for CAW
Road markings for CAW
4 potholes and 2 potholes signs for CAW
Parking meter
Parking bays part 2
Parking bays